Cryptocurrencies – buying, functioning, cryptoeddu and fraudsters

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Cryptocurrencies need no special introduction, as their phenomenon as an investment asset and a means of payment has been known for quite a few years. Nonetheless, those who would like to enter the world of e-coins come across various obstacles, whether in the form of problems with their purchase or accounts of fraudulent activities.

Cryptocurrencies – practice and uses

There are at least a few different uses for cryptocurrencies that may seem interesting even to beginners. You can use e-coins for online purchases – many online vendors accept them as a legitimate means of payment. In some places, you can even shop at stationary stores that accept cryptocurrency payments at the checkout.

However, many people are interested in cryptocurrencies primarily because of their potential as an investment asset. Speculation is how you can invest in e-coins. Speculation is the process of acquiring a selected e-coin and selling it when its value rises to a level satisfactory to a particular investor. Like all forms of investment, this one also involves a degree of risk. In the case of e-coins, any losses are either due to insufficient groundwork at the beginning or missing the point when the speculative bubble pops.

Determining at what point it pays to buy and when it pays to sell requires certain knowledge of investments and of the cryptocurrency market itself. The basics of such knowledge can be obtained through courses, which can be completed on your own or through trusted platforms like cryptoeddu.

Methods of buying e-coins

For some, the problem with investing in cryptocurrency may start as early as when trying to buy it. We continue to hear about scams and fraudulent bargains for the purchase of new e-coins. Moreover, some places where cryptocurrency can be purchased, such as cryptocurrency exchanges, are often not recommended to beginners due to the low security level of the transactions carried out there. Cryptocurrency exchanges are places that get attacked by hackers with the greatest frequency.

So, where can you get hold of cryptocurrency if not on a cryptocurrency exchange? Another option is a cryptocurrency exchange office. Once you pay in cash or send a money transfer, your e-coins are sent to the provided wallet address. Some cities also feature cryptocurrency ATMs. However, beginners are advised to acquire cryptocurrency as part of cryptocurrency educational packages available online.

Cryptoeddu – purchase and collection

Cryptoeddu is a type of intermediary platform where any budding virtual currency enthusiast can access the cryptocurrency of their choice. On the Cryptoeddu website, you can purchase a cryptocurrency training package, which is a set of educational materials intended for beginners with a view to introducing them to the world of investing. Importantly, as part of the cryptocurrency package, you only buy educational materials and receive a certain amount of e-coins for free!

The Cryptoeddu website can also be used to collect the cryptocurrency which has previously been purchased as part of the package. The packages of this type can be purchased from Cryptoeddu partners – training companies that create the educational materials, in which case you only need to enter the eight-digit code provided with the materials to gain access to free cryptocurrency.

Regardless of the option you choose, both purchasing the package and claiming the free e-coins is very straightforward.

Buy your Starter Pack

Cryptoeddu is currently offering the Ripple Plus Package at a discounted price. This package includes a number of e-books and webinars that deal with issues related to investing in cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency-related law, security and investment risk issues, as well as the specificity of investing in the Ripple cryptocurrency.

The package contains a comprehensive compendium of knowledge that will give solid factual foundations to any beginner for whom this will be the first exposure to cryptocurrency investing. Moreover, each package comprises a free gift in the form of a certain quantity of Ripple units. The number of units depends on the package the customer chooses.

It is also worth noting that the cryptocurrency units received are stored on the Cryptoeddu platform, in an individual wallet assigned to each purchase. The eight-digit access code included in the package allows you to manage your funds.

To collect your cryptocurrency from the Cryptoeddu website, click the “Collect cryptocurrency” tab at the top of the page. A window will appear in which you should enter the code you received and the email address you provided when making the order.

Cryptoeddu and fraudsters?

Unfortunately, the investment and educational market features extremely aggressive methods of getting rid of unwanted competition. Recently, a negative campaign was launched to slander the platform. In a matter of weeks, a number of near-identical pages were created containing the phrase “cryptoeddu fraudsters” and “cryptoeddu reviews”, the two most popular phrases in Google that are typed by novice investors looking for information about the platform. This sudden increase is anything but accidental, so you should be aware that these are most likely the actions of the competition.

Most of the portals providing information about the scam look very suspicious. Typically, these websites contain simple texts related to specific assets, such as the stock market and cryptocurrencies. There are almost always ads of Cryptoeddu’s competitors and frequent external linking. Admittedly, there exist no regulations that require a company to specifically signal which websites belong to them, so we can only guess that we are dealing with back-end websites belonging to well-known brokers.

What’s more, even though there’s usually not much traffic on sites like this, posts about Cryptoeddu have up to a hundred times more comments than others. All the comments repeat the exact same thing by talking about an online fraud, and they are written on the same day and using the same style. For this reason, it’s not worth trusting the vilifying voices that have clearly been paid for.

Be careful what you read

It is always worth remembering that on the Internet you can easily come across not only paid-for positive reviews but also made-up and fraudulent comments.

It is worth being aware that such negative advertising is about undermining Cryptoeddu’s position by slandering the portal. Taking a broader perspective, the phenomenon of negative marketing can be seen anywhere where a brand is suddenly bombarded with tons of articles and comments about its alleged illegal activities. This would be unthinkable in traditional media, but tracking down the author of a newspaper article or a TV ad is child’s play. Because of its anonymity, the Internet is a much more tricky place.

Cryptoeddu is a trusted and popular brand that offers cryptocurrency educational packages and the ability to collect free e-coins. Regardless of what the competition is doing, the portal is thriving, offering an increasing number of investment training courses for beginners.

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