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Despite various ups and downs over the years, cryptocurrencies continue to evolve, attracting more and more interest. People are expressing interest in not only being able to use cryptocurrencies in various situations but also in investing in them on exchanges. However, these online resources are very different from what most users are used to. Although the entry threshold to the cryptographic environment can still be quite challenging to some interested parties, there are several solutions available for people with different levels of expertise. One of them is the Netricoin product.

Learning is the key to success

Investing, like other areas of our lives, is susceptible to change and evolution as science and our understanding of certain phenomena evolve. Moreover, news and daily events have a real impact on the market situation of many assets. In the case of cryptocurrencies, which change and fluctuate almost constantly and at an insanely dynamic pace, keeping your finger on the proverbial pulse is especially important. Even such seemingly trivial events as a well-known person mentioning an asset can have an impact on the market. Cryptocurrencies, in particular, are susceptible to changes triggered by a single message posted on social media.

However, this rule doesn’t just apply to happenings on social media or short-term global events. Being aware of interdependencies, trends and mechanisms is necessary to thrive in today’s world and make the most effective investment decisions.

Knowledge of the characteristics of the asset in which we want to invest, its methods of operation, disadvantages and advantages should be acquired at the very beginning, before we start investing. However, this step is often neglected, either through recklessness or the belief that one already has this knowledge. However, it is worth remembering that the world is evolving, and with it, the available assets, strategies, tools, and related realities. Moreover, your sense of familiarity with certain topics may be invalid. After all, it is easy to be under the impression that we understand an issue when we do not realise its complexity.

This is why understanding the asset you are investing in is the first rule of investing. However, it is crucial to keep them all in mind so that you are able to make the best decisions possible.

The principles of investment

The first and the most important rule of investing is to “understand what you are investing in”, as was discussed above. But what about the other guidelines? These should also be observed and always kept in the back of your mind to increase your chances of avoiding a serious mistake.

Next up is an important warning: don’t invest your whole salary or savings! The funds allocated for this purpose should come from the so-called “disposable income”, i.e. the part of income whose loss would not impede the daily functioning of the investor. This rule reduces the real risk arising from the potential failure of an investment.

Related to the above is the next principle, i.e. the awareness of the risk taken. Many investment opportunities will seem wildly tempting because of the potential for a high and quick return; however, it’s worth bearing in mind that more often than not, a high rate of return is proportionately associated with high risk. In contrast, long-term investments with a slightly lower rate of return are often more stable and safer in the long run.

This brings up another principle, which is patience. This rule is related not only to waiting for a profit or at least the return of the invested funds, but also to gaining knowledge about the asset according to the first principle, or waiting for a convenient moment for your planned move. Even relatively short-term investments may require days or weeks to be successfully executed, while long-term investments may take many months or even years. That is why patience and composure are of utmost importance to any aspiring investor.

Finally, don’t forget to develop your craft and expand your range of skills. This rule may seem like a mere reference to the first rule, but it goes much further. In a way, it can also be linked to the risk awareness requirement. It should be mentioned that high risk does not mean that the investment is bad, and we should not be interested in it. However, it is important to know how to approach such an investment.

A strategy often used by new investors is portfolio diversification. This term means investing in more than one asset while observing the rule of a reasonable degree of diversity. The term “diversity” can refer to many aspects of assets, such as their degree of risk, the sector concerned, or their general characteristics. A well-balanced portfolio helps minimise the impact of an investment that turned out to be misguided or unsuccessful. To sum up, portfolio diversification allows us to count on minimising losses from one investment with gains from another, making this strategy a natural method to follow for many investors, regardless of their preferred “category” of assets.

Key cryptocurrencies

Investors, in turn, are showing an increasing interest in cryptocurrencies not just in terms of useful tools or curiosities but assets and potentially profitable investments. And for a good reason – the universal and ground-breaking nature of cryptocurrencies means that more than a few experts are currently watching their development with keen interest, while cryptocurrency creators are already changing the landscape of today’s society.

Two cryptocurrencies, in particular, have gained a lot of attention from investors and users in recent months. We are, of course, talking about Stellar Lumens (XLM), a token belonging to the platform of the same name, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a coin eagerly referred to as Bitcoin’s “little brother.” It is worth taking a closer look at these two cryptocurrencies.

The first cryptocurrency, Stellar Lumens, is a token, as we have already mentioned. This means that its job is to function within a specific platform, where it can perform many different functions. Lumens operates within the Stellar platform, which offers cheap and fast transfer of various financial instruments. Its wide availability and ease of use enable it to be used by both large corporations and individuals in relatively isolated corners of the world, making it one of the most popular and accessible platforms of its kind. This, in turn, translates into its popularity and the well-established position of XLM tokens in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, like the already classic BTC, is a coin, or cryptocurrency, designed to pay for ordinary, everyday transactions. Although much “younger” than regular Bitcoin, it is often praised for retaining the best features of BTC while “improving” on its most glaring flaws and shortcomings. This makes BCH faster, safer, and also much more suited to use on a larger scale, which is one of the most common criticisms of the classic Bitcoin.

Given the differences in the characteristics of these two cryptocurrencies, as well as their current popularity, many investors have shown interest in buying them. However, some were undecided on which one to choose. At this point, it’s worth reminding ourselves of the portfolio diversification strategy mentioned in previous paragraphs. But what if an investor doesn’t yet feel confident enough to embark on this process of diversification on their own? Or if they want to first take the opportunity to learn more about both these specific cryptocurrencies and crypto in general? This is when Netricoin comes to the rescue.

Netricoin – learning and investing

Netricoin is a comprehensive product that addresses the needs of beginner and emerging investors particularly interested in investing in cryptocurrencies and related assets. The Netricoin kit consists mainly of diverse and carefully prepared educational materials that focus not only on investment theory and economic fundamentals but also on practical information, strategies, and the latest news from the world of investment and cryptocurrencies. Such a mix of theory and information has been designed specifically to assist novice investors in their preparations to take their first steps on the cryptocurrency market and to help them take the next step towards developing their investment strategies.

To facilitate the transition from acquiring knowledge and learning theory to applying and observing it in practice, a unique bonus is included: units of two cryptocurrencies, XLM and BCH, of a certain value, in a 50:50 ratio. This makes it easy for users to get used to owning and managing more than one type of cryptocurrency. Additionally, for those not used to dealing with crypto, the process of receiving and storing units has been made as simple as possible.

Simple purchase – safe storage

Netricoin, in addition to all the educational material and bonus units, also offers the option to use the e-wallet provided by the creators.

When ordering the set using the form available on the website, the customer will be given a choice: they can provide the number of their crypto-wallet, where they want to store the bonus units, or indicate their desire to use the wallet provided by the developers. If the customer chooses the second option, they will receive by mail a Netricoin access card, which will contain the access code to the e-wallet, where the units of the assigned cryptocurrencies will be stored. The access code is only made available to the customer and is both a password and a way to authorise any actions made in relation to the units. This allows the user to securely manage their cryptocurrency while shifting the responsibility of setting up and securing a suitable wallet to the Netricoin set creators.

Although investing seems to be accessible to almost anyone these days, the process is still subject to certain rules, and their observance will help us avoid pitfalls and mistakes. Particularly when investing in an unfamiliar asset, we should be especially careful about getting suitable information about the product. Cryptocurrencies are no exception to this rule, although their market is very different from what most investors are used to. For this reason, it is crucial to use as many good quality sources as possible to make the most effective investment decisions. One recommended source of information are educational kits such as Netricoin, which will prepare anyone interested to discover a new market in an accessible and comprehensive way.

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